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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 27, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning to you. i'm kris sanchez. coming up on "today in the bay," a very cold start to the morning and that has drivers hitting the skids. where the highway patrol is watching for icy conditions and what happened in a deadly overnight crash. plus, how people are staying warm during this cold snap that's left so many folks without power and when things could change. and a final good-bye for the best friends who died in a failed rafting adventure. how family and friends are remembering the teens this weekend. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. a live look at oakland on a very
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chilly start. hopefully you covered your plants and your pipes outside and brought the pets inside because it was cold overnight and so chilly this morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. you said it was going to be cold and i'm glad because i didn't want to leave my hydrangea uncovered. >> oakland, you saw that picture, saw the sunshine, think it's kind of nice out. well, 33 degrees this morning. 33 in oakland. look at san jose, 34. and, again, we're at pretty much our coldest point of the morning. the sun has come up. our temperatures will slowly start to rebound. we have 29 in napa. 27 in gilroy, 29 in livermore. where you're seeing the 20s, salinas to the south, east bay and north bay valleys, that freeze warning through 9:00 this morning. by lunchtime, we should see 40s and 50s today. lots of sunshine, a dry finish to the weekend with highs in the mid-50s. but more rain coming back in especially for the north bay, as early as tomorrow. we'll walk you through the next
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round of the change in the weather coming up. >> all right. if you're headed out for morning exercise, layer up. >> thermals this morning. >> thanks, rob. those freezing temperatures mean ice on bay area roadways. this morning the california highway patrol is urging folks to pay attention and slow down. this morning speed was to blame in a deadly crash in palo alto near highway 101 and the university avenue on-ramp. chp officers tell us the driver was going too fast when the car flipped over. one person died. another has major injuries. officers closed the university avenue on-ramp while they investigated that crash which happened about 2:15 this morning. officers say that this is the most dangerous time for ice on the roadways, the early morning hours. this weekend, drivers are hitting the skids on ice around the bay area. crews worked through the night to fix a leaking pipe in hercules that caused a dangerous patch of ice on highway four 4. several cars spun out.
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fortunately, no one was injured. this morning the chp is reporting ice at 101 in novato. on the peninsula, a light dusting of snow on the trees along the skyline boulevard. folks might be tapping the brakes to take a look. heading south, check out the hail in hollister this weekend. one of our viewers sent this video in. we always like to see it. in st. martin, enough snow fell not just to make a snowman but a snow family. the robbins family said it's the first time it snowed at their house in the 11 years they have lived there. the cold snap is a micked blessing for bay area businesses. all of the bundling up is adding up in walnut creek. employees are selling out of kids' clothes, women's ski pants and snowboarding helmets. the frigid weather is making a bit of a buzz kill for one maker, steve shafer, who makes his own wine at urban legend sellers at west oakland and buys grapes at vineyards throughout
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northern california. >> we've had some growers exit the market so there's going to be less fruit available. >> less fruit because last spring was also very cold. if it continues this year, shafer says the price of wine could go up by as much as 20%. sierra snow is keeping ski resorts happy, but it is a different story for nearly 15,000 people near nevada city and grass valley who have been without power for days. heavy snow caused trees to fall, taking down power lines. and pg&e actually had to call for additional help from 300 crews coming in from other states. businesses and homeowners are using generators to keep warm, but for some of them, that's doing little good. >> no heat at all. the only heat i'm getting is out of the oven. it goes off and on. >> the power has been off in most of that area since friday. this weekend, an east bay community will gather together to remember the lives of two teenager who is drowned in a
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rafting accident. memorial services for 17-year-old gavin powell and 16-year-old matthew miller are being held in walnut creek this weekend. the best friends died last weekend when they tried to take a trip down a walnut creek canal in an inflatable raft. their bodies were found on sunday in concord several miles from where they launched the raft. a memorial service for gavin powell was held yesterday. the memorial service for matthew miller will be held today at 3:00 at st. matthew looutheran church in walnut creek. an anonymous citizen offering a $5,000 reward to help police track down whoever burglarized the home of matthew miller on thursday. the miller home was robbed while the family was at their son's burial on what would have been his 17th birthday. call the walnut creek police department if you have any information about that crime. federal investigators are kicking off three days of hearings on the san bruno disaster by releasing thousands of pages of new documents. those records include technical reports and interview transcripts from the ongoing
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investigation into the san bruno pipeline blast that killed eight people in september. the mayor and the city manager of san bruno will attend the hearings which start tuesday in washington, d.c. the san bruno fire chief, state public utilities commission officials and other gas line industry leaders are also expected to testify. tuesday's hearing will focus on the way that pg&e operates. wednesday's hear willing deal with state and federal overnight. thursday's hearing will go over industry-wide technologies. the unrest in libya continues to grow this morning. anti-government forces backed by rebel army troops are moving closer to tripoli. that country's capital. americans and other foreigners are scrambling to get out of the country before more bloodshed. this is what the tripoli airport looked like earlier this morning. at the port, ferries are trying to leave, but rough seas are making for delays there. meanwhile, the united nations is trying to prevent further bloodshed by issuing sanctions against president moammar gadhafi and his family. the council imposed an arms
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embargo and urged u.n. member countries to freeze the assets of gadhafi and his four sons and his daughter as well. we have much more ahead for you coming up on "today in the bay." still ahead, they've seen landslides, earthquakes and wildfires, but one thing folks in southern california are not used to -- snow. and hear the real king's speech before the oscars. a south bay discovery.
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looking live from the embark der row, a chilly start. it is cold in the bay area, but check out the unusual sight in southern california. yeah, that's the sign for san diego. yeah. the freeway there. the storm system we've been seeing is moving south with some
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record -- with areas seeing record-breaking temperatures in the lower 30s. road crews were even out to plow the dusting of snow that managed to stick to the roadways down in san diego. up in the mountains, east of san diego, up to 7 inches of snow fell. so much for sunny san diego. that cold front stretches from san diego all the way to los angeles where hollywood is preparing for the glitziest night of the year, the academy awards. that begs the big question -- will celebrities' hair styles stand up to the cold on the red carpet? crews are preparing for the oscar ceremonies and they are taking no chances. check it out. oscar wrapped up in plastic to keep him from the elements. and the red carpet area is tended just in case of showers. come rain or shine, the show must go on, of course, and there are some clear front runners for the big prizes of the night. natalie portman is expected to take home the best actress oscar for her role as a troubled ballerina in "black swan," and colin firth could walk away with the best actor prize for his
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role in "the king's speech." it chronicles king george vi battle to overcome his stammering. the oscars' history and scratchy vinyl record have a south bay man reliving his own struggles with substitutering as "today in the bay"'s george kiriyama reports. the 92-year-old has quite the insight on the movie and the man. >> reporter: with a drop of the needle, the voice of an english king from 1937 comes to life. >> i speak to you tonight. >> reporter: the voice on the scratch ji vinyl is king george vi giving his coronation speech. >> jack and jill went up the hill. >> reporter: "the king's speech" starring colin firth. >> never before -- >> reporter: 92-year-old dave
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barrett has listened to this record countless times since he bought it in 1946 in monterey. and every time barrett hears king george speak it reminds him they have something in common. >> i think very commendable that people understand because what happened to him happened to me that changed me from a left hand to a right hand in the first grade and that upset me. >> reporter: barrett says after that he began to stutter just like the english king. >> i sympathized with him because as you see in my article i have stuttered and stammered just like he did. but i overcame it. >> reporter: he says he overcame his stuttering by taking singing lessons and performing breathing exercises. now barrett speaks with confidence. >> i understand what he went through. yeah. i can sympathize with it. >> reporter: barrett hasn't seen the movie yet but he plans to. because of the film, he's playing his record a lot more these days for those who have taken an interest in king george
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vi. >> so it's a surprise but it's very interesting. >> and may god bless you all. >> barrett told george kiriyama he is going to wait for the movie to come out on dvd. until then, he will listen to his record. "king's speech" is one of the best of the year but with the good come the not so good. enter the razzie awards. awards for the worst of the worst movies were handed out in los angeles last night. organizers say the razzies were created as an antidote to tinsel town's annual glut of self-congratulatory awards. >> who are you wearing tonight? >> well, i'm -- six carats.
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>> "the last airbernd" was the biggest winner or loser. it took home five razzies including worst picture. the women of sex in the city 2 won worst actresses. no one showed up to claim the award. our own mr. hollywood has his predictions on who will take home best picture. here's "today in the bay's" bob redell. >> reporter: as someone who's appeared in many oscar films like "titanic," winner of 11 academy awards including best director and best picture, "pulp fiction," -- >> vincent. >> reporter: -- winner of the best original screenplay. >> wait. i can't believe it. i'm still in here. >> and "ghostbusters," ranked as one of the top 30 comedies of all time by the american film institute. >> enchilada?
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>> reporter: i still have no idea who's going to take home the oscar this year for best picture, but i do know the fight is between "king's speech" and "social network." >> is there anything you need to tell me? >> reporter: i know that bookings in vegas, london and australia ranked "the king's speech" as their 1-4 favorite. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> and still ahead on "today in the bay," the latest from spring training in scottsdale in case, you know, hollywood is not your thing. we'll tell you about the panda express, slimmer and trimmer.
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good chilly sunday morning to you. a gorgeous view of alcatraz off in the distance this morning. you have the sunshine out there, but bundle up. many spots including san francisco are having a tough time getting close to 40 degrees. right now we're at 34 in oakland. you can see the east wind at 3 miles per hour. a sunny start to the morning.
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other spots around the bay area seeing chilly temperatures. san francisco 41 with sunshine. that's as warm as it gets around the bay area. san jose, 34, southeast wind at 3 miles per hour. spots seeing in the 20s this morning include livermore, down towards gilroy, 26, 27 in napa, 29 in santa rosa. not surprisingly those areas in salinas valley off to the east bay and trivalley and the north bay valley through 9:00 this morning, freeze warning in effect for those 20s you're seeing right now. no snow flurries anymore. the skies clear out. all the action did move off to southern california. look at las vegas and tucson this morning. you can see we actually have some snow. that is where our cold system now is racing through arizona and moving away from the bay area. but today it's still going to be cool with the frosty start to the morning. we'll call for slow warming today, sunday sunshine, high clouds drifting in later on today. pretty pleasant finish to the weekend and the computer models are now bringing in our next chance of rain mainly to the north bay, in fact, just to the north of san francisco as early
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as tomorrow morning, probably in the sonoma county coastline. tuesday, the rain line will lift further to the north. at this point the nastiest day of the week in terms of wind and rain should roll in on wednesday. in the futurecast, monday morning now, you can see those showers up there on the north coast. notice the clouds hanging out in the north bay. if you're in the south bay, even into tuesday, you're probably wondering what's all this talk about rain because most should be north of the golden state by tuesday, and by tuesday night we start to see winds pick up and eventually the rain will start to fill in as we head into wednesday. there you can see the clouds starting to spill back in once again. around the bay area today, pretty nice finish to the weekend despite the very chilly start. we should see temperatures climbing, almost 30 degrees from how cold we're starting this morning. 20s and 30s around gilroy this morning, mid to upper 50s by the afternoon here. see the east bay temperatures not looking bad. mid-50s for the afternoon. look out for patchy nice through 9:00 this morning and into the north bay. we'll see highs 58 around santa
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rosa. the seven-day forecast shows mainly north bay showers, monday into tuesday, wednesday, though, that looks a little windy and wet. notice the temperatures even if with the rain coming back in, upper 50s and low 60s. what that's telling you is we're getting a milder pattern coming in, snow level closer to 5,000 feet. we will see some pretty nice weather this week. >> we were talking about the fact that yesterday and today have been commute days it would have been a disaster out there as far as the ice on the roadway. >> it's true. last weekend, too. we had icy roads last sunday morning. the timing works out pretty good. today maybe patchy frost but not as cold as this morning. >> very good news. i'm sure mike inouye will enjoy that news. thank you, rob. coming up, the blind spot that could blind side you. one woman shares her heartache hoping to prevent yours. st. mary's looking for its first conference title in over 20 years. plus the latest from spring training. the panda has a big day for the
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the panda express helped the giants steamroll the dodgers in spring training and the gale force blows the wind in its favor for a top spot in next weekend's conference tournament. justin allen has that and more in sports. a big night for st. mary's basketball. a win over portland would mean a share of the west coast conference title the first since 1989. gales had to come from behind in this one. it was the freshman, steven holt, helping the cause. going to sink the three here, had 16 total on the night. st. mary's goes up 43-41. they would cruise from there. rob jones playing tough, gets the lay-in here. had 13 on the night. gales win it 83-69 and will share the wcc tightle with gonzaga but will be the top seed in next week's conference tourney. a good night locally in the
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conference. usf beat lmu 77-75. santa clara squeezed past pepperdine 71-68. cal and oregon state down double digits at one point, but they wake up, get back into it. jorge gutierrez comes up with the big three, gives cal a lead, 62-61. he put up 14. then alan crab with a big three of his own from way out. crab racks up 26 as cal with a late-season surge wins its third straight 87-76. the cardinal men to a number on the ducks. josh owens with a huge afternoon, 31 points. stanford women continue to roll. they demolished oregon 99-60. jeanette pollin scored 20. the giants broke in another starting pitcher on saturday, taking on the dodgers in spring ball. jonathan sanchez threw 1 2/3
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innings, gave up four hits, no runs. nick schuerholz took a big blast to center field in the third, racks up the triple there, two runs score, gave the giants a 4-1 lead. but look who had the giants' first homer of spring. that's right. the slim and trim panda with the two-run shot. pablo sandoval went 2 for 3, three rbi on the day. giants win it 8-3. the clubhouse a happy place so far. >> i mean, it's still early but, you know, everyone's coming out swinging and line drive to the gap is a good sign early. >> game two right now but everybody looks good. everybody looks comfortable. the main thing right now is just seeing pitches and feeling good in the box. >> all right. one of the top local guys to watch in the upcoming nfl draft, former cal defensive end cameron jordan. at the combine saturday, clear and eager and ready for his shot at playing in the nfl. >> it put the biggest smile on me to hit a quarterback and hear
7:26 am
the wind come out of his chest. that puts my smile on me. i get up with that, nice little step, got a little swag to me. >> fired up. plenty of teams have their eyes on jordan. most are projecting him to go in the first round. the new england patriots are a possible landing spot. that does it for morning sports. have a great day. >> i thought he was wearing pads under his shirt. just normal muscle. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, you may not know his name but this little boy's story is about to affect every new car and every single driver in the state of california. and a body in a backyard. what police are telling us about a gruesome discovery. the latest on the investigation. also a live look this morning. very chilly start. the weather forecast is going to continue to be wintry. [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals
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to go on trips with their families. when my employees are happy, my customers are happy. how can the gold card help serve your business? booming is takin our business by taking care of your employees. gorpg to you. a live look at san francisco. the golden state bridge in the distance. blue skies. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. that's what we always say, when the clouds are here, keeps the heat in. >> retains the heat that comes off the earth's surface overnight. >> i want my blanket back. >> it's not there anymore. we have temperatures cold as the low 30s in oakland officially now breaking a record for downtown oakland, dropping into the mid-30s this morning.
7:30 am
around the rest of the bay area, you'll find 20s in napa and santa rosa, livermore, 28, 26 in gilroy. those three locations, north bay, east bay valleys sashgs linas valley, freeze warning up through 9:00. by lunchtime, cool sunshine, 40s and 50s today. today, mid-50s around here with high clouds late. notice the radar is try. as we keep an eye on southern california for the oscars, mid-50s for highs. may be one of the coldest red carpet walks we've seen in quite some time. they'll be in the 40s as the stars come shuffling in dressed in layers. >> faux fur, maybe. thanks, rob. san jose leaders are asking the city's pot clubs to take their fair share of taxes. starting tuesday, marijuana dispensaries will be slapped with a 7% tax which was approved by voters last november. the 100 pot clubs in the city are unregulated and technically illegal under current zoning laws. but facing ten straight years of red ink, city leaders hope the
7:31 am
taxes will cut into the $110 million budget deficit. novato investigators say an autopsy will be performed tuesday on the remains found in the back yards of a missing man's home. there is growing speculation that the body could be that of 74-year-old dale smith. neighbors say they haven't seen him for months. investigators say evelyn smith gave them permission to search the home mentioning the ground under a recently installed barbecue patio where the body was discovered. police consider her a person of interest. the district attorney is still reviewing the case. no charges have been filed. what is something most of us do every day without thinking? rush to our cars and back up, sometimes not thinking that it could cause someone worse heartache than they'll ever know. every year hundreds of children are killed and thousands injured in backup accidents. now there's a new federal proposal that would require all new vehicles to have backup cameras by the year 2014. but do the cameras really work
7:32 am
and could they avoid accidents? our jessica aguirre puts them to the test. >> really happy little boy. every day he'd say that to me, how much he loved me. >> reporter: elizabeth sandoval holds dear to the memory of her son, david. >> collect ladybugs. >> reporter: but seven years ago, sandoval's life changed in an instant. >> it happened in seconds. >> reporter: it happened that fast? >> mm-hmm. mm-hmm. >> reporter: david ran outside to a neighbor's house, sat down on the driveway. >> then the lady, she back up. >> reporter: she didn't see him. >> reporter: and even though it's been seven years since david's death, sandoval's grief remains raw. she is comforted, though, by her two other children, maria and
7:33 am
jose, who never go a day without thinking about their brother. it is for her other children and for other parents why she's talking about one of the most difficult times in her life in hopes of getting backup cameras in all new vehicles. >> he should still be alive. >> reporter: the federal government is proposing backup cameras in all new vehicles by 2014. valley medical center in san jose sees some of the most serious backup accidents involving children. around ten a year. the hospital took part in a new study with seven other california trauma centers. 2005 to 2007, 85 children were injured. nine of them died. >> for parents of especially toddlers it's important to know there's no way looking around the car you're not sure there's a child behind you. >> reporter: dha's where the backup camera comes in.
7:34 am
we wanted to see how much of a difference it makes when you use one compared to when you don't. so i got behind the wheel with a driving instructor. first he gave me a few tips for backing up whether you have a camera or not. >> the main thing is go slow. people get in way too much of a hurry. they're running late, kind of jump in the car, throw it in reverse and start backing up. >> reporter: another important tip is to look over both shareholders and to use all our mirrors. now in our test we placed a plastic child-sized dummy a few feet behind my car. i then backed up without using the camera. and i couldn't see a thing. right now if there were a kid behind me i would not -- oh. oh, my god. i ran something over. oh, my god. without the camera, i couldn't see anything at all. looking over my left or my right shoulder. >> you have a huge blind spot. i think a lot of it is the monitors in the back seat. >> reporter: next i turned on my backup camera. i'm starting to see that there is something there.
7:35 am
and it looks -- it does look like a child. we tested the camera on a clear night. but you can't just rely on the camera when backing up, especially in bad weather or when the sun causes a glare. you need to check your surroundings for safety. >> if you're just relying on that and the lenz is dirty or inclement weather, you'll have even more of a chance to have an accident. >> reporter: but when the camera is clear, experts say it can and does save lives. >> there's really no way with our current cars, especially suvs, to see what's behind you. there's only one good way to be sure, look behind the car with a camera. >> reporter: and for elizabeth, she will do whatever it takes to put the brakes on accidents like the one that cut short her own son's life. >> that was jessica aguirre reporting. the government estimates that backup cameras will cost you between $1,000 and $1,200 extra when you buy a new vehicle.
7:36 am
if you want to watch more of the test-drive that we did on backup cameras, go to and search vehicle backup cameras. put it to the pest. >> much more ahead on "today in the bay." the bay bridge gets a facelift. new construction work and how it will affect your morning commute. and the bay area native about to hit the stage as the youngest host of the oscars ever. what his life was like before he made it big. a live look at san jose where it is a chilly start to the morning but it is dry.
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speaking of "today in the bay," take a look at the waters of the bay and the clouds hanging over just a little bit.
7:39 am
it is a cool start to the mo morning so if you're walking the dog or getting exercise, layer. thermal is what rob mayeda says this morning. keep your eyes on the road. there is going to be major work on the bay bridge this week. crews are getting ready to lift another section of the new bay bridge tower into place. this is video of the work they did on the third segment of the tower back in december. work on the fourth segment will start tomorrow. it will bring the tower up to 480 feet. it will be 525 feet when it's all done. crews will work around the clock until that fourth segment is secured. the sailboat that won the america's cup is coming home to the bay area. early tomorrow morning the ship carrying the usa-17 will sail under the golden gate bridge and to pier 80 in san francisco. on board a few of the men who helped lead the oracle racing boat to the first u.s. win of the america's cup since 1992. usa-17 won the iconic trophy just about a year ago.
7:40 am
the winners and the ship's owner larry ellison chose san francisco to host the 2013 america's cup. another sign of economic recovery? a new survey finds that more retailers are opening shops here in the bay area. the vacancy rate at local shopping centers was 6.8% in 2010, almost a percentage point lower than the year before, and that is a whole lot better than the national average of almost 11% vacancy. the numbers were released. looking at it by county, san mateo has had the best recovery with just over a 3% vacancy rate. that is good news. it is the end of an era in san jose this morning. a family owned grocery store that's been around since the mid-1940s is closing its doors for good. the market is hanging it up after 63 years in business. the family opened the store shortly after the end of world war ii. the store's closing because the three surviving brothers are
7:41 am
retiring. they say it's time. a supermarket will take over the market but as of now no set date on when the new store will open. any employee working for the current store will be able to keep their jobs as long as they want to keep working in the new score. still ahead, nfl owners and players are playing a game of deal/no deal this week and detroit's big three try to rev up auto sales. tyler mathison has a look at the upcoming week in the world of business. this could be the start of something big on friday. we get the february jobs report from the labor department. some economists think we'll see five times as many new hires as we saw back in january when the nation's unemployment rate dipped to 9%. before then, though, we will find out how many cars all the automakers sold in february. detroit's big three have rolled up tremendous gains in sales in the past year. fed chief ben bernanke presents
7:42 am
his semiannual report about the state of the economy before congress this week. and there's nothing bland about the bay's book despite its color. that's just what the federal reserve called its monthly survey of economic conditions around the nation. it will tell us which reasons we're seeing a boost in jobs, manufacturing, tourism, housing and other metrics. will they strike or won't they? the national football league's contract with its players union expires this week. could there be a job action by gridiron greats this coming season or a lockout by the ownership? ken starr was known as the financial adviser to the stars with clients like uma thurman, wesley snipes, martin scorsese until he pleaded guilty to orchestrating a $30 million ponzi scheme. he gets sentenced this week. and the oscars have been handed out. we'll see which winning movies get a big post award bounce at the box office. i'm tyler mathison. get all your business news on cnbc. or you can get all your business and tech news before the bell weekdays on "today in
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the bay" very early, 4:30 in the morning. jo crowds are starting to get ready for the annual red carpet walk of hollywood stars that is, of course, oscar night. the show will feature its youngest host ever, 28-year-old anne hathaway and james franco. he's come a long way since being a student at palo alto high school. this morning we take a look back at franco as a struggling actor. in 1996, the year he graduated, franco met freelance photographer mark stubner at a los angeles modeling agency. he didn't have money to pay for the photos but the job was done for free because he saw something special. >> back then he was just everyday person. he was charming. he was playful. >> a couple of his teachers from palo alto high are complimentary. franco is nominated for best actor for his portrayal of real-life hiker aaron rolston in
7:44 am
"127 hours." that's the hiker who had to cut off his own arm to escape. franco isn't the only local making a big splash at tonight's ceremony. bay area companies play major roles in nearly every film up for best picture. scott budman shows us one company and why they are the reason you could hear them in nearly every nominee. >> reporter: no matter what your favorite movie is -- >> these are audio processors working on the sound. >> reporter: -- you're looking at the one sure winner come oscar time, technology from san francisco's dolby labs. every film nominated for an oscar in sound editing and sound mixing categories was made with dolby audio technology. dolby's johan allen sat down with us in the shadow of his own oscar. >> it's still exciting. i mean, yes, of course it's still exciting. but it's exciting to everybody. i mean, oscar night is such a
7:45 am
major event. >> reporter: dolby has scored in oscar's audio category since the days of tape and tape recorders. now having given way to more modern sound equipment and digital projectors. technology dolby actually tries to keep in the background. >> technology should not stand out by itself. you shouldn't say, oh, sound, listen to that. you know? the director wants you to look at the screen and get absorbed by the story. the technology to make that happen, technology should not stand out to make it the obvious thing. >> reporter: nonetheless, dolby, like other silicon valley companies, is built into the hollywood movie making machine. it's technology you'll see and hear whether you watch it in the theater or at home. >> we cannot make a bad movie better, but we can make a good movie excellent. i'd like to think we'll carry on doing that. >> scott budman, "today in the bay." much more ahead for you on "today in the bay."
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coming up, the stalemate continues in wisconsin between the governor and the unionized workers there. and the question remains here in california, could it happen here? political analyst larry gerston joins was an answer just ahead.
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good morning to you. a live look at san francisco. very pretty start to the day but pretty darn cold as well so, wear your mittens if you're headed outside and make sure your coffee is piping hot. a battle over a union power in wisconsin continues and that has folks in the bay area asking is collective bargaining on the way here in california? larry gerston joins us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> i talked with folks on either side of the issue in the bay area. i talked with a teach err member of a union and a city councilman whose city is asking if the workers can take a pay cut.
7:49 am
let's hear what they had to say. >> okay. >> and we'll get to that -- >> we are deeply concerned because we don't view this as an attack on the union but as an attack on the middle class because the unions are made up of the middle class in this country. >> san jose is not madison. nobody here is talking about eliminating collective bargaining. we are talking about having a very difficult conversation around employee concessions, the kinds of concessions we need in order to balance our budget, in order to avoid the kind of severe layoffs that are going to result under the current structure. >> so what do you think? is it an attack on the middle class? and is it about more than just, you know, collective bargaining? >> it all depends how you look at this. in wisconsin, the unions have said, okay, we'll contribute more to health care and pensions, do all that stuff. don't take away our collective bargaining, okay, because that's a separate issue. we'll help you balance the budget but leave us alone and let us bare gan on the other
7:50 am
issues. in california it's an interesting question, too, because here we are seeing some people, including one legislator who has recently offered a bill to end collective bargaining. but the real issues here, kris, aren't collective bargaining per se but whether the health care benefits are too generous, whether people are retiring too early, and perhaps whether we go from defined pensions to undefined pensions. and those are the kinds of issues, and by the way i think there's going to be some progress in terms of the republicans in the legislature and the governor working out something on some of these points. >> okay. so collective bargaining -- when we say collective bargaining we mean the unions bargaining on anything other than pay exclusively. so for teachers something like, you know, class size or working conditions, that sort of thing. >> class size, working conditions, number of sick days, breaks they can get from so much work. not just teacher, by the way. all the other types of people who are in public service jobs and private sector jobs as well.
7:51 am
for the public sector it's a panoply of issues that go well beyond money. if you take this away, the union is saying we no longer have any rights. of course what the governments are saying is we have to find some way to cut back and retrench. >> you mentioned that southern californiaen who introduced the bill similar to wisconsin. no chance of passing because of the makeup of our legislature right now. >> two reasons. the legislature is overwhelmingly democratic and democrats and unions go well together. there's another point, and that is that, like wisconsin, california is a very pro union state. nationally we're talking about 12% of all workers belong to unions. in california it's 18%. so you can see there's a whole lot more clout there. that's the reason why people are so interested in wisconsin. wisconsin is a pro-union state. if wisconsin goes, how many other dominos will follow in such places as ohio, inouye, new jersey, places that have elected
7:52 am
republican governors and legislatures which are no longer quite as, how shall we say, friendly to the union movement? >> all right, so in wisconsin we saw the main tactic they're using is some democrats left the state all together saying we're not going to vote on it. is that reasonable? if really the republicans won control fair and square, is that a reasonable tactic? it's bratty. >> it's a fair question. do you take your marbles and leave because you lost? i think republicans are pounding that and pounding that well. i think that's probably the best arrow in their quiver, if you will, on this issue, because what the democrats have said is we're going home, not playing with you. you know what, in politics when you have an election, somebody wins and somebody loses. losers have to get used to that, as we say. and for that reason, the democrats in the senate probably have a little bit of pr work to do once they come back. hard to imagine that they'll be able to get away with this for
7:53 am
much longer given all the other issues. but that said, they still have to make their point. that's what they've done the last two week >> we've gotten that point loud and clear. if you want to hear some of larry's other points,weheck out his blog anytime you want. propzero on thank you very much, larry. see you next week. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, the window is closing on the maverick surf competition.
7:54 am
7:55 am
good morning once again. take a live look at the waters across the bay. bundle up if p you are headed outside but enjoy the nice, dry weather. it's going to stick around for just a bit. we've been talking a lot about the weather. it begs the question, will there be enough wind to generate some serious waves at mavericks? it's almost time for the window to close. it closes, in fact, tomorrow. rob mayeda takes a look at the
7:56 am
forecast. what do you think, rob? going to happen or no? >> that video is incredible to watch. you know, for mavericks, you want to see a west swell from about 20 feet that helps to launch those monster waves off the undersea ridges off pilar point. we're not seeing this in la nina winter where we've had high pressure off to the west and we're not seeing these big storms fanning the big waves to the coast. so short term not looking so good. we're still seeing a west swell anywhere from about 4 to 6 feet over the next couple days. the temperatures this morning 20s as you saw, north and east bay valleys, the freeze warning up through about 9:00 this morning. we've dried out, but look at southern california. a few lingering snow showers around the hills of l.a. the oscars going on. temperatures only in the 50s around l.a., 40s as things get under way later on this evening. look at the snow actually flying around las vegas earlier, around tucson, that heading off texas today. that may kick off severe weather later on this afternoon out towards the southern plains. now for us today, kind of an icy
7:57 am
start to your morning. slow warming heading into the afternoon. just like we saw in southern california, our temperatures here also in the mid-50s for the afternoon with some high clouds coming in later on for the afternoon. as we head through tomorrow, we will see rain for the north bay and eventually see an increasing chance of rain dropping further south but probably not till about wednesday. so things mainly west of the north bay and eventually later on we'll see those changes coming our way. quick check of the futurecast confirms most of the rain at least through tuesday is going to be hanging up in the north bay. wednesday, you will see a big change. the winds will crank up and we'll see i think quite a bit of rain rolling in through the middle part of the week. around the bay area today, highs in the mid-50s despite a chilly start, nice finish for the weekend with high clouds coming in later on as we watch the chilly temperatures give way to a nice day even for the north bay. temperatures climbing pretty nicely. but look out for this midweek storm. we'll talk wind and rain, but temperatures warming up, snow levels back to 5,000 feet.
7:58 am
no more low snow. >> no more low snow. okay. at least we have our pictures to keep the memory alive. thanks, rob. thank you for making us a part of your morning. have a great rest of your weekend. see you again next weekend. of sammy's fish box. i opened the first sammy's back in 1966. my employees are like family, and i want people that work for me to feel that they're sharing in my success. we purchase as much as we can on the american express open gold card so we can accumulate as many points as possible. i pass on these points to my employees
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